Hey Mr Postman

13-01-2014 Monday


Monday’s here and I miss Sunday already.

I wanted to go to Mr Bent’s yesterday, but he wasn’t home. Or he was, but just didn’t feel like opening the door. He’s that kind of guy, he is. Sometimes we know he’s at home and then people (most often the postman) ring our doorbell to come and deliver packages or mail for him. It’s not like that he will open the door for us, or anything. Then he comes to collect the stuff whenever he feels like it and expects us to open the door for him at any time. One time we didn’t and he even got a little mad and shouted,’ Open up, I know you are in there!’ Why we never do the same when he doesn’t answer the door, I don’t know.

We haven’t the foggiest idea what happened or might have happened to him that made him into this incredibly introverted and socially handicapped person. Sometimes Mum says it might have been the war, but when I ask her which one, she looks at me and says,’ How should I know? There’s been so many.’ So that might just rule out that hypothesis. Other times she blames it on upbringing and his parents. I wish she could have a talk with his parents, because Mum’s upbringing is not really helping me becoming a more sociable person.

Enough about that, Mr Bent was not at home, so, I surfed the Net a little bit to see what I could find on ghost-hunting equipment. Below are some of the sites I found last night. I am not really sure whether they are really helpful and whether these sites are serious about this. For some reason I feel like I am being mocked, but this time not by peers. Ghoststudy.com feels like a scam. Are they serious $25.00 for a motion detector!? How does that help me find ghosts in a crowded city; there’s motion everywhere! It’s probably just a cheap ‘burglar’ alarm.

These are the sites:



This site: http://www.ghoststudy.com/new/huntips.html was kind of helpful. It had some nice helpful tips (although some things were really too obvious) and had some links to other helpful tips pages. I might want to try to record ghosts. Maybe that’s the first thing I have to look into, because I could do that at home or somewhere along the route to school, or something. It’s more or less what they did in the film Whitenoise. I’m not sure whether it will work, but it’s worth the shot.

There’s only one problem, I need to get myself one of those old recording devices. They say digital ones work just as fine, but I don’t know. For some reason it feels more real to record something on one of those tape things. Are they still for sale somewhere, anywhere? Note to self: look it up!

But not now, because it’s time for breakfastdinnerfood! I love food. Maybe that’s why I am a bit chubby (I’m not fat nor big boned … just easy to see). Mum’s not the best of cooks, but not the worst either. She is currently experimenting with ‘exotic dishes’, as she calls it. To me it’s just pasta. Well, see me tomorrow.  Image

The Statue of Liberty

10-01-2014 Friday



‘Friday, school-trip day! Melman, Melman, Melman!’ Well, it’s not actually school-trip day. It’s weekend! That’s it. True that. And what does that mean!? No classes, just homework (as if I would ever bring the dishes to school and call that ‘schoolwork’). Next week is filled with tests and all, so I have to study this weekend. But … (drums, please!).

There might be a chance of me going to Bank. I have tried to convince Mum that I am doing this school assignment and that I have to do some field research. She started asking all these critical questions like,’ Why!?’ and such. As soon as I come up with some good answers, she’ll let me go.

Dad hasn’t got anything to say in these matters. He is more or less the man that cuts the meat on Sundays. We hardly ever get to see him, because he’s usually out for work. He’s either secretive about his job or I’ve just never bothered to ask him anything about it. It could well be the latter; he never bothers to ask me anything about school more than,’ Hi son, how are things at school?’ Finished off by a,’ Well, just as long as you stay out of trouble.’ I’ve developed the habit of asking him the same questions every now and again,’ Hi Dad, how are things at work? Well as long as you stay out of trouble!’ And then he just smiles and cuts the meat.

It’s quite difficult for me to get into any kind of trouble, anyways. I hardly ever talk in class and I don’t really hang out with anybody. Sometimes I wonder if anybody ever notices me at all. Even teachers don’t bother to ask me anything. Which, I think, is actually great. I am saved from the embarrassment of giving stupid answer in class.Image

Talking about stupid answers. We had this class quiz during geography and the teacher showed us a picture of the Statue of Liberty. She asked us,’ Who or what is this?’ She could have picked anybody in class to give the correct answer, instead she asked (if you’ve been reading my blogs, I guess you’ll know the answer) … Evelyn. You could almost hear everybody scream,’ NOOOOOOOO’. ‘The Empire State Building, miss,’ she said. The Empire State Building! For crying out loud. How? Why!? ‘I don’t want to live on this planet anymore.’

If you have any good answers I could give Mum so I can go to bank, that would be great. You can email me or leave a comment on Facebook. If you happen to know anybody who wants to befriend me on Facebook, let me know or … let them know. I could use some friends. Grandma, you know, the woman who gave me the idea of getting an account, is being very inquisitive and wants to know how many friends I have already got. She has no idea how these things work, neither have I. See me tomorrow.